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Powerful Graph Customization to Effectively Communicate Your Results


Casey Volino, Engineering Associate and Senior Statistician, Corning Inc.


Annotations and customizations can help communicate results graphically to others. JMP provides powerful yet simple graph customizations – which can include JSL – that can help communicate results effectively to a broad audience. This talk will focus on several techniques for customizing graphs and show how to save those customizations for later use. Examples will be shown that move from very basic to more advanced customizations, and include:

  • Non-JSL graph customizations, such as reference lines and text boxes.
  • Displaying historical distribution curves on new data via the Y Function command.
  • Displaying MSA-derived uncertainty "gray zones" around spec limits via the X Function command.
  • Adding colored polygons to plots to highlight data regions of interest, such as specification spaces.
  • Plotting mixtures of Weibull densities to describe particle size distributions.
    Briefly show a custom interactive graph that demonstrates the impact of changes to the Weibull shape and scale parameters and a lower specification limit on the appearance of the Weibull distribution and the percent yield. (This last is meant as a motivational demonstration to learn more, not as a tutorial on making graphical add-ins).

All data used is nonproprietary and will be made freely available.



Added the journal I used for my presentation. All datasets and scripts are available within that journal. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed the presentation and will definitely use some of the techniques you shared for future work!

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