Applications of Triangulations in JMP® 11


Dan Schikore, PhD, JMP Principal Software Developer, SAS

Triangulations are used in JMP to compute contours from 2-D unorganized point samples. JMP 11 exposes both the Delaunay triangulation and the associated convex hull and alpha shape to JSL programs, facilitating the creation of custom geometry analysis applications. In this talk I will show how the built-in Triangulation commands can be used to compute the minimum spanning tree of a collection of points. I will also demonstrate two applications of triangulations and the associated structures. The alpha shape can be used to estimate the geographic range of animals from collected observations. For general multivariate data, scagnostics computes a collection of metrics on pairwise combinations of variables to aid in discovering relationships between the variables, as well as outliers from these general relationships.

Attached is the presentation for this talk.  Much of the content will be demonstrated live, but this serves as a guide for exploring the features.  Open the .jmpapp file to run the presentation, or open the .jmpappsource file to view the scripts that are used as part of the presentation.  The scagnostics portion of the talk uses the Scagnostics Add-In, which can be downloaded separately from the file exchange.

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