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Jun 14, 2017

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Ten Themes of JMP 9

 Ten Themes of JMP 9

John Sall, SAS

Develop - to specialize software for your needs, to extend software to do more things, to share extensions with others
Explore - support the role of Detective--find out new things, follow clues, see patterns and outliers that don't fit patterns.
Experiment - observational data is limited by unadventurous production settings, uncontrolled factors, inefficient same-old data. Experiments are for exploring adventurous factor settings and combinations to learn efficiently and explore your opportunity space.
Modeling - it's not just one response, it's not always all the variables, and modeling needs validation to believe its predictive value.
Surveys - you can get a lot of data from just asking people
Business - our techniques are not just for engineers and scientists
Open Source - there is a big world of ideas out there in the wild.
Six Sigma - has now trained a generation of engineers and business people about looking at the data, trying experiments.
Data Mining - sometimes we have a lot of data without much notion about what it might tell us. Sometimes we just need to predict, not to understand.
Tell your story LIVE, let your audience experience the process of discovery.

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