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The gap between graph builder can not eliminate



I meet some problem can't solve by myself. The part of my code is as below. 

Graph Builder(
	Variables( X( :DQ_Read_Right ), Group Y( :PCB ) ),
	Elements( Histogram( X, Legend( 4 ), Means and Std Devs( 1 ) ) ),
	Column Switcher( :DQ_Read_Right, {:DQ_Read_Left, :DQ_Read_Right} ),
	Column Switcher( :PCB, {:Vendor, :CPU, :DRAM, :Temp, :V_level, :PCB} ),
		Dispatch({},"DQ_Read_Right",ScaleBox,{Inc( 2 ),Minor Ticks( 1 )}),
		Dispatch({},"DQ_Read_Left",ScaleBox,{Inc( 2 ),Minor Ticks( 1 )})

The left side data is ok, but the right side data has gaps between the bar. The detail as following gif link. Does anyone know what is the problem?
Even I set the Inc(2) can eliminate the gap. When I operate Graph Builder, the increment will change back to 1. 


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