Demonstrate ANOVA

    This script illustrates the variability within and between groups, and the total variability of samples from two or three populations. Includes controls for population means, the population standard deviation, sample sizes, the number of samples, and the alpha level. Explore ANOVA concepts, such as F Ratios, P-values, the F Distribution, power, residuals, test statistics, false positive rates and more--all within a point-and-click environment.


    Features include:

    - Choose 2 or 3 groups

    - Specify sample size and significance level

    - Specify population means and standard deviations

    - View boxplots, means and distributions for each group

    - Drag and drop points within each group to change results

    - Perform multiple simulations and aggregate results

    - Show graphical ANOVA output, normal probability plots and residual plots.

    - Compute the power of a given layout, and compare to empirical rejection rates.


    Suggestions? Comments? Please reach out to JMP Academic's mia.stephens. Thanks!